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Welcome to our Neu-Ulm centrally-located clinic. Here we provide our patients with a wide array of internal medicine practices to meet your healthcare needs. Our specialist clinical expertise primarily focuses on gastroenterological and cardiological diagnosis procedures and treatments along with vascular imaging of cervical vessels. With over 20-years of extensive professional experience, drawing on a large evidence base of effective preventative and therapeutic options, our patients´ health and well-being remains fundamental to our mission of providin

• reliable
• punctual
• personal and
• individual healthcare solutions.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical treatment for our patients. We strive to care for the patient as a whole by applying our specialist expertise to diagnosis, treatment and long-term comprehensive care and management. Further detailed information about our clinic and our team can be found on the following pages. Should you require any additional information or if you have any specific questions and queries, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help and always here for you.

Your doctors Mrs Dr. Pia Saddeler-Schick and Mr Dr. Alexander Schick

Medical care and Services
Mrs Dr. Saddeler-Schick works as our general practitioner (GP) at our joint practice medical clinic. Mr Dr. Schick works as a medical specialist for internal medicine care and treatment focusing on the areas of the liver, stomach, intestines and the circulatory system. Mr Dr. Schick also conducts preventative examinations of the heart based on patient’s thorough medical case history. He also specialises in cardiac and cardiovascular diseases and pneumology.

Internal medical screening
During a personal consultation, full details of a patient’s medical history are evaluated and assessed along with familial or personal risk factors. Comprehensive physical check-ups in addition to close examination of patient customised laboratory testing and clinical results are then taken into account.
Further routine clinical practices include a comprehensive diagnosis of the heart and lung function by means of an electrocardiogram (ECG) at rest and as a stress test, cardiac, thyroid, upper abdominal organ and carotid arteries ultrasound.
A standard urological preliminary exam is also recommended.

Ultrasonic examination with colour Doppler sonography
With the use of our high resolution ultrasound equipment, an accurate diagnosis and evaluation of the upper abdominal organs, the abdominal aorta and the prostate can be made.
We also perform thyroid and carotid artery ultrasounds to adequately address the risk and prevention of atherosclerosis complications.

Video endoscopy examinations of the stomach (private medical service)
In cases of acute and chronic upper abdominal pain a gastroscopy and close monitoring of the upper gastrointestinal tract is required. Our longstanding expertise combined with our compassionate approach is further supported by detailed video endoscopy images thus enabling informative patient consultations.

Video endoscopy examinations of the colon (private medical service)
Routine endoscopic examination procedures are becoming increasingly more important. Endoscopic examination of the colon (colonoscopy) is now recommended for all patients (with or without symptoms) over 50 years of age with repeat check-ups scheduled every 5- 7 years. Removal of early stage polyps can prevent the onset of colon cancer. Patients with any family history of cancer are encouraged to undergo this examination even earlier.
After a thorough intestinal cleansing a minimally invasive colonoscopy is then carried out at our clinic.

Here, at our clinic in Neu-Ulm, every effort is taken to protect all our patients and practice team against infection during endoscopic examinations. We pay particular attention to cleaning and disinfection practices of all our devices and instruments. With the aid of modern automatic cleaning and rinsing accessories and regular monitoring according to strict hygiene guidelines, we take advantage of every preventative measure to ensure the highest possible degree of safety for all our patients.

Our clinic’s service specialities
1. Ensure rapid and reliable patient appointment scheduling
2. Offer complete medical screening and thorough diagnosis without long waiting times
3. Present modern clinic facilities and equipment
4. Arrange relevant continuative treatment and care management
5. Maintain close cooperation with an excellent network of medical specialists to support our patients needs and meet their expectations
6. Provide a centrally-located clinic with easy accessibility